Naim Audio: Exceptional Design. Peerless Engineering.

A unique approach

Naim is a company that was borne out of a passion for music and a frustration from a lack of innovation. Naim's founder, Julian Vereker MBE, was a race car driver and self-taught engineer who founded the company out of his own displeasure for the lack of quality in music reproduction in the late 1960s. His focus turned quickly from race cars to experimenting with amplifiers.

A clear focus on sound

Naim is famous for their dedication to sound and reproduction. While many other manufacturers have turned to creating receivers that handle both audio and video streaming, Naim's products remain focused on recreating sound as it was intended. Many reviews mention some intangible that Naim amplifiers possess when at work, creating a presence that's unique to the company's amplifiers. In addition to amplifiers, they have also broadened their offerings to include turntables, DACs, and CD players.

Technology meets style

The last ten years has seen Naim's innovations accelerate. From the development of their groundbreaking Statement amplifier to their Uniti line, including the compact Atom, powerful Nova, and CD-ripping Core music server. Their products have become widely known for their excellence in design and equally, acoustic quality.

Made with music lovers in mind

Naim's products are well known by audiophiles and discerning homeowners for a reason. Their products provide peerless performance and are simply gorgeous statement pieces of electronic engineering.

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