Our priority as a custom system design firm is to create systems that contribute to your experience at home while being as discreet as possible. Using components like motorized lifts, retractable screens, invisible speakers, and other specialty solutions, we can provide systems that don't interfere with your personal style and your vision for your spaces.

Home Automation

At the heart of every system we build is the ability to control various aspects of your home experience. From climate to security, our systems are professionally installed, and customized to each client and their needs. You'll be able to control anything from your smart phone, tablet, or touchscreens installed throughout your home.

Streaming media

The most popular aspect of our systems is their ability to provide streaming audio and video—movies, TV, hi-fi music, and sports. Imagine listening to voice-activated music in any room of the house without having to use your phone, or streaming different videos to the kitchen and bedroom.

Residential cinema

For movies, TV shows, and sports, nothing exceeds the performance of a custom home cinema or media room. For over ten years, we have been among the leaders in Western Canada for digital projection for residential clients, and the process of creating high performing surround sound systems is at the centre of our passion.

Climate, lighting, and shade control

An essential part of a residential automation system is its ability to seamlessly control climate, lighting, and shades. Schedule air conditioning and lighting for different times of day, and control lights when you're away from home. For larger homes with many windows, or homes with high ceilings, motorized shade control is a valuable feature.

Security and IP cameras

The ability to comprehensively secure your property is important to all of our clients. Our camera systems are fully automated, and capable of fully covering any sized property—day or night at full HD. Other important aspects of our security systems include leak protection, CO, and motion sensors. All of this is accessible by clients anywhere an internet signal is available.  

Additional services

  • Acoustic treatments
  • Access control
  • Specialty low voltage solutions