Extend your living space outdoors with motorized shades

Enjoy the outdoors—without the bugs and glare!

Outdoor entertaining is often a relaxing and easygoing experience, but its unpredictability can make things challenging. That's where automated outdoor shades can make things so much easier and comfortable for you and your guests. Easily controlled by our smart automation systems, these shades offer control of light and heat, UV, wind, and insects.

Tons of options

Screen Innovations' Zen 2 outdoor shades are available in 9 powder-coated colors or custom paintable primed options for a perfect color blend. They're also available in a number of shade types for optimal light control, and a new solar wireless lithium option for wireless operation. They even have an optional anemometer accessory that will raise the shades automatically in higher winds!

Screen Innovations' experience means an array of architectural-quality mounting options and a unique stainless steel cable guide system and zipper tracks for smooth operation.