TVs are so last year. Projectors are the real deal.

Bringing projection out of the media room

For many years, projectors were limited to dedicated theatre rooms to eliminate ambient light, and accommodate their size. But today's projectors are flexible, more powerful, and smaller. With the advent of short-throw and ultra short-throw projectors, large-format picture is possible without wall mounts or stands.

Flexible large format picture

Two main points here: first, projectors can easily produce huge images—much larger than even the largest TVs available. So, for anyone who wants large-format picture, projection is your best choice. Second, thanks to modern projection screen technology, projected picture is more immersive and vibrant than in the past, even in room conditions where ambient light is present, like most living rooms and bedrooms.

Discreet solutions

With planning, projectors and their screens can be hidden using a number of available motorized solutions, making them idea for stylish homes that don't want a large TV screen present at all times. By using discreet solutions, the size of your screen is virtually limitless—hide a 120" screen (or larger!) where the largest TV possible might only be half that size.