Complete the living experience with dynamic outdoor sound

Great sound is an outdoor essential

We believe that outdoor spaces have the most potential to become great living experiences. Entertaining outdoors always creates a fun, relaxed vibe, and seamlessly bringing your music playlists outdoors is the easiest way to help do that for you and your guests. As an experienced design and installation firm, outdoor sound systems require all of our experience and expertise to ensure they provide exceptional sound for our clients, withstand the elements, and are discreet.

Creating the outdoor soundscape

From rock speakers to architectural outdoor speakers, there are so many options available that can provide sound that is just as dynamic and beautiful as you experience indoors. In addition to satellite tweeters and midrange speakers, outdoor subwoofers provide that warm, immersive low frequency range that completes the sonic range. 

We're not just talking about a couple of speakers installed on the patio. We can bring high-quality sound into garden spaces, outdoor pools, gazebos, sport courts, and backyards.