Vestia by Focal is a great combination of excellent performance and value

The job of a great hi-fi speaker is to stir up emotion whether through music or soundtrack, and Focal has an exceptional history of doing so across all of their lines. That now includes their recent Vestia line. These speakers provide detail and finesse, thanks to the advantages of Focal's Slatefiber loudspeakers. With their sleek design and refined finish, these loudspeakers blend effortlessly into any interior, a hallmark of Focal's modern-leaning design choices.

Vestia embodies compactness and detailed listening, combining Focal technologies such as the Slatefiber membrane and the TAM tweeter with an "M" profile that enhances high frequencies with smoothness and precision.

Vestia speakers employ a forward port for greater frontal impact: a bass-reflex profile that enhances soundstage depth. They are available in a choice of refined finishes: black or white leather-effect fronts, Black High Gloss, Light Wood or Dark Wood side panels.

As one of Focal's entry-level offerings, the value that Vestia provides is excellent considering its features and Focal's famed build quality. When compared with similarly priced options in the field, they are quickly becoming the preference for many audiophiles when it comes to a combination of performance and value.