Two different ways to view your TV in a different light

Outdoor enclosures

Watching TV outdoors has traditionally been a tricky scenario for homeowners, not only in terms of picture, but also sound. In recent years, a number of creative solutions have emerged to weatherproof TV screens and allow for sound. Typically, these have involved combinations of metal and glass enclosures with speaker grills, and often fixed in place on patios and outdoor spaces. The problem with that solution is that enclosing an LED screen behind glass can present various glare and visibility issues, as well as mediocre sound. 

One of our favourite solutions has been Future Automation's Cineair, that combines a moveable handcrafted cabinet with a motorized lift and takes advantage of Samsung's weather-resistant Terrace LED TV and soundbar. This eliminates the visibility issues from secondary glass, and provides a powerful audio solution. The Cineair provides owners with a flexible, no-compromise outdoor viewing solution.

Easel TV mounts

Another of our favourite solutions is the easel mount, a stylish way to minimize the look of an LED screen and the permanence of its placement. Additionally, for spaces that have pillars and other awkward floorplans that don't accommodate a typical wall-mounted TV, this is a great alternative. This example from Future Automation features stylish wood-finished geometric legs and cable concealment channels for an exceptionally elegant presentation.