Energy-saving benefits

Putting your motorized shades on an automated schedule for when you’re away from the house means keeping a cooler interior.  Shades from companies like Hunter Douglas come in a variety of light transmission grades (the amount of sunlight they let in), and you can position them based on the time of day.

Simplicity of design

Since motorized window treatments don’t require pull cords, their look is much cleaner than manual treatments.  This also eliminates cord breakage and tangling, as well as making these units safer for children and pets.  They also look impressive when synchonized to stop and start in unison, or open and close as a group in a staggered pattern.  These treatments also come in a larger variety of fabrics and models than ever, so getting the look you want is always possible.

Precise and flexible

With new technology in motor design, manufacturers have developed virtually noise-free units that move the shades smoothly and quickly.  Automation professionals can program each shade or drape to stop at exact spots every time with reliable accuracy.  The can also be powered by either AC or batteries, meaning that motorized shades are no longer limited to new home builds.

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