The new ELAN 8 interface software is here, and after thorough testing by us here at Adera, we have begun including it in our newest custom systems, as well as upgrading those of our existing clients! In addition to a number of performance enhancements, the new interface adds support for Amazon Alexa and its voice control capabilities and new dynamic zone grouping. Here’s a look at some of ELAN 8’s most exciting updates:


User Interface: ELAN has updated the look of its interface with a simpler, cleaner look, along with custom tabs, a new media tab & streaming interface, and hundreds of new icons.


Dynamic Zone Grouping: this feature allows users to group zones for customized control, and toggling between standard zone view and grouping snapshot


Zone Sleep Timer: program your zones to turn off at predefined intervals and trigger other events


Channel Guide: a new channel guide display station and program data for North American users


User-Managed TV Favourites: this new interface provides users with the ability to manage their own favourites lists

Manufacturer’s link: http://www.elanhomesystems.com/connected-home-january-2017

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